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So, I like to seek out wackadoo unknown ingredients. Wegmans is really helpful in that regard because they are pretty progressive about their purchases. It’s the reason I encountered baobab, and the reason I landed this Ingredient Intelligence story on the Kitchn.

Special shout out to my photographic partner in crime, Adam Atkinson, for the beautiful images.

While you are reading that story and presumably getting curious, I’m hard at work doing a story about pumpkins (with a recipe for pumpkin ale bread to boot!) for Casey Barber’s Good Food Stories and finishing up a piece on a local burger joint here in the Lehigh Valley.

I’m planning on posting a beer bread related recipe next week–one that’s different from the one Casey’s publishing next week. Stay tuned!

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10 2014

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    Your other readers might be smart enough to figure this out. But after starting to grate the apple on a cheese grater I realized it was turning to mush. A mandoline was what was needed. It’s in the oven now with half mush apple and half nice matchstick size pieces.

  2. 2

    This is about the cider bread obviously.

  3. carrie #

    Thanks for reading. Actually, I don’t really intend for the apples to be like matchsticks. Much like grating carrots or zucchini for quick breads, when you grate apples for a baked good like this, you want the liquid, too–it helps to keep the bread moist and distribute the flavor throughout the end result. That being said, I wonder if you were using a mushier apple? I think I had a fuji or a honeycrisp; something really firm. Let me know how you guys liked it.

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