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Chef Jason Hook’s H2O Kitchen is Back in the Valley

I apologize for the late notice, dear readers, but you must know about this. Jason Hook of H2O Kitchen has partnered with Artisan Wine and Cheese Cellars in Bethlehem for monthly multi-course tasting dinners paired with West Coast wines that will invariably blow your mind. Trust me. The first time I tasted his food, my palate was not the same for days. He is a whiz in the kitchen, transforming it into a laboratory of delicious experimentation where he concocts truly inspired flavor combinations unlike any others you may have experienced. Trust me on this. It’s $75 well spent, and if I know Chef Hook, there will probably be more than the number of advertised courses here. He lets himself get carried away, galvanized by late-in-the-game whims, and then follows them. The result is always a surprise.

If you want to go, seating is limited and reservations must be made through Artisan.


04 2014